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Builders of fine wood gates and fences in the Los Angeles area.


Enrtyway gate


Sealed side gate

See over 50 pictures of exquisite gates in our Slide Show.

See over 50 pictures of exquisite gates in   our  Slide Show.

We design, build and install wooden gates, specializing in the really nice ones, but we have several styles in a more reasonable range.
This one of our custom designs. To see more in an array of styles, go to our Custom Gates page.

view through gate


The  Paneled Gate is one of our specialties. It can be very elegant and still reasonably priced. It is a sandwiched construction of three layers, the two outside layers are the frame, so it can look great from both sides, and the middle is fencing boards or a tongue and groove, as shown.

These gates can often be bid on with just the information of the size of the opening (top and bottom), the height, the style of the top handling, the finish and the type of connections and hardware needed.

There can be many variations of this theme, as you can see on our Paneled Gates page.

We also build nice fences, pool equipment enclosures and other exterior construction.

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